In our latest developer interview, we are excited to feature Louis Pereira, the creative mind behind AudioPen, an AI app that records your thoughts and turns them into clear, summarized text. Louis has designed AudioPen to make capturing and structuring thoughts easier, whether it’s for journaling, drafting articles, or simply enhancing communication. Let’s explore the inspiration and development behind AudioPen and learn valuable insights from Louis’ journey in the world of AI app development.




Louis Pereira

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Can you share a brief overview of your AI app and the problem it aims to solve?

AudioPen records your thoughts and turns them into clear, summarized text. This lets you think out loud without worrying about the structure of your thoughts.

It’s helpful in multiple ways. First, it captures thoughts for journaling, book notes, or for random ideas. Second, it helps communicate with others more effectively. You can use it for something as simple as creating a text message, or as complex as writing a draft of an article.

What sets your AI app apart from others in the same domain?

It’s simple to use.

What sparked your interest in AI, and how did you begin your journey as an AI app developer?

I just build things for fun, and AI seemed like a fun playground.

How do you envision the impact of your AI app on users’ lives and the broader community?

I hope it helps people capture thoughts that they would otherwise have lost.

I also hope it helps people communicate better, because the ideas that are rewarded the most aren’t the best ones, but the ones that are communicated the best. I want AudioPen to help level that playing field.

What future updates or developments do you have planned for your AI app?

I plan to keep talking to users and keep improving the app for as long as I can.

Can you share one piece of advice for aspiring AI app developers?

Just start.


Louis Pereira’s journey with AudioPen showcases the power of AI to improve everyday communication and capture valuable thoughts that might otherwise be lost. With a focus on simplicity and continuous improvement based on user feedback, AudioPen is a prime example of how AI can enhance our lives in practical and meaningful ways. For aspiring AI app developers, Louis’ advice is clear: just start. Stay tuned for more insightful interviews with AI app developers as we continue to explore the incredible potential of AI applications.

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