iChatWithGPT, developed by Mohamed Moustafa (@0xmmo), is an AI app that aims to simplify the user experience of powerful AI assistants. Unlike other apps in the same domain, iChatWithGPT integrates seamlessly with iMessage, becoming a convenient and helpful companion for various tasks and conversations. This AI buddy is accessible on iPhones, Watches, Macbooks, and even through Siri, making it a natural part of users’ daily routines.




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Can you share a brief overview of your AI app and the problem it aims to solve?

The problem is the complicated UX to powerful AI assistants. We built an AI buddy that lives right inside your iMessage. It’s designed to be a handy, go-to helper for all sorts of tasks and conversations. Whether you’re looking for answers, travel plans, recipes, or just a chat, it’s always is there for you on your iPhone, Watch, Macbook or even via Siri.

What sets your AI app apart from others in the same domain?

What makes iChatWithGPT different is how it turns iMessage into a powerful AI playground. We’ve taken away the hassle of downloading extra apps or signing up for new services. It’s all about making AI a natural part of your daily routine. The most incredible use case I’ve personally unlocked is using it while I’m in the shower via Siri, helps me write things down and fine-tune ideas.

What sparked your interest in AI, and how did you begin your journey as an AI app developer?

My fascination with AI began when I built, as a developer it completely transformed my life and I instantly became 50x more productive. I just realized how it could change the way everyone – not just developers – live, work, and connect with others. I dove into the world of AI app development to make these futuristic ideas a reality for everyone.

What challenges do/did you face during the development process, and how did you overcome them?

One challenge we faced was making ChatGPT play nicely with iMessage. It took some creative thinking and persistence, but we managed to create a smooth, integrated experience that scales with our customers.

How do you envision the impact of your AI app on users’ lives and the broader community?

I believe ChatGPT can make a real difference in people’s lives by being a reliable, always-there companion. It’s about helping users find answers, spark creativity, and make the most of their time, so they can focus on what really matters.

What future updates or developments do you have planned for your AI app?

We’ve got some cool updates in the pipeline for iChatWithGPT, like giving it the ability to browse the web for up-to-date info. Voice messaging and transcription. Plus, we’re working on an optional web app for those advanced users that want to keep track and organize all their conversations.

Can you share one piece of advice for aspiring AI app developers?

For those looking to create AI apps, my advice is to focus on the human element. Make things simple, enjoyable, and relatable. Embrace the challenges and learn from them. And always remember, you’re building something that can change lives – so make it count!


Mohamed Moustafa’s interest in AI was sparked during the development of, where he experienced a significant boost in productivity. Recognizing the potential for AI to revolutionize the lives of people beyond just developers, he embarked on a journey as an AI app developer. The development process for iChatWithGPT came with challenges, particularly in integrating ChatGPT with iMessage. However, through creative thinking and persistence, a smooth and scalable experience was achieved. Moustafa envisions iChatWithGPT making a tangible impact on users’ lives by providing reliable assistance, fostering creativity, and maximizing productivity. Future updates for the app include web browsing capabilities, voice messaging, and transcription, along with an optional web app for advanced users to organize conversations. Moustafa’s advice for aspiring AI app developers is to prioritize the human element, focusing on simplicity, enjoyment, and relatability while embracing and learning from challenges. By doing so, they can create AI apps that have the potential to change lives significantly.

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