In a recent interview with Sharly, the developer of an AI app that aims to increase productivity, we learned about their unique approach to the common problem. Sharly provides users with access to documents and boasts the best user experience compared to other apps in the same domain. Sharly’s passion for innovation and technology is evident in the development of their AI app.



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Can you share a brief overview of your AI app and the problem it aims to solve?

Sharly helps unlock 10x productivity with Ai

What sets your AI app apart from others in the same domain?

Sharly provides access to documents, delivering the best user experience

What sparked your interest in AI, and how did you begin your journey as an AI app developer?

I ventured in AI since university, driven by my passion in innovation and technology

What challenges do/did you face during the development process, and how did you overcome them?

The AI industry is changing very fast, must keep updated continuously.

How do you envision the impact of your AI app on users’ lives and the broader community?

AI will free the world from all the pains

What future updates or developments do you have planned for your AI app?

We will have synthesis AI coming out soon

Can you share one piece of advice for aspiring AI app developers?

Be focus on solving small single problems.


In conclusion, Sharly is an innovative AI app that aims to solve the productivity problem by unlocking 10x productivity. With a strong focus on providing the best user experience, Sharly sets itself apart from other AI apps in the same domain by providing access to documents. The developer, Sharly, has been passionate about innovation and technology since university and has faced the challenge of keeping up with the fast-changing AI industry. Despite the challenges, Sharly remains committed to developing the app and has synthesis AI coming out soon. Aspiring AI app developers can learn from Sharly’s advice to focus on solving small single problems. Overall, Sharly is a promising AI app that has the potential to make a significant impact on users’ lives and the broader community.

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