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Web Browser
Loopin AI is an AI-powered calendar workspace that transforms calendars into collaborative workspaces for efficient meetings, task management, and productivity planning.


Web Browser
One-time payment
QueryKitty provides a portable AI chatbox that helps users get more done in less time and hustle smarter by answering their questions across the web and assisting with various tasks.

Web Browser
Freemium provides AI-powered transcription and summarization services for online meetings, seamlessly integrating with popular productivity tools.

Arcwise AI

Web Browser
Arcwise AI leverages AI to help Google Sheets users easily clean, organize and analyze data, with a chatbot and web interface for quick and accurate results.

Genius Sheets

Web Browser
Freemium is an AI-powered data analysis service that connects Excel or Google Sheets to QuickBooks data, generating live financial reports with natural language queries and the ability to customize and share them.


iOS, Web Browser
BundleIQ is an AI-powered service that simplifies data analysis and document management, providing users with insights and connections based on context.

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