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PineappleBuilder is an AI-powered website builder designed specifically for busy business owners. This platform allows users to generate a branded website, blog, portfolio, and newsletter in just a few minutes. The platform acts as a personal designer, AI copywriter, and developer, taking care of designing, converting users, hosting servers, and certificates.

PineappleBuilder offers over 10 million template variations, allowing users to pick a starting point from 12 template styles and adjust the style to match their brand. Users can pick the features they need on their website, such as a blog, subpages, payments, and add them later if needed.

The platform also offers a simple editor for easy element editing, drag and drop elements, and adding new sections. It also provides a blog feature powered by AI, making creating blog posts simpler and faster.

PineappleBuilder is SEO optimized, provides simple analytics to understand the audience, and offers integrations with other platforms like Google Analytics. It also allows users to add widgets and customize them as needed, including bookings, forms, email marketing, chats, and more.

The platform is praised by its users for its ease of use, AI technology, and speed in creating and updating websites. It caters to various needs, including personal websites, digital products, creatives, beauty services, freelancers, and SaaS.

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