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Reword is an AI-powered tool designed to help teams collaborate in creating high-quality articles for their readers​. The AI is trained on the team’s published articles, enabling it to understand the audience and generate novel content ideas​​.

The tool provides various functionalities to assist in the writing process:

It enables writers to explore their topics without leaving the editor, supplying them with relevant research and cited insights​​.
It optimizes content for the reader’s intent rather than focusing on keywords, ensuring comprehensive topical coverage​.
It adds natural internal links in the text​​.
It provides commands to accomplish various tasks​.
It offers actionable advice to improve the articles and leaves comments to help writers fix problems and enhance their content​​.
It can correct readability and grammar mistakes, allowing writers to focus on the content itself​.

Moreover, Reword is centered around a “people-first” approach, creating articles that are not only reader-friendly but also algorithm-friendly, hence optimising for both the readers and search engines​​. It also encourages team collaboration by offering each team member their own AI assistant​​. It can be integrated directly with the team’s content stack and syncs with their existing Content Management System (CMS)​​.

Overall, Reword aims to be a part of the team, embracing the use of collaborative AI to enhance the quality of written articles​.

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