This article discusses the four types of prompts that entrepreneurs can use with large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT to maximize their effectiveness. The author, Lasse Linnes, provides examples and explanations for each type of prompt: information prompts, creative prompts, instructional prompts, and problem-solving prompts. By understanding these different types of prompts and how to use them, entrepreneurs can leverage AI tools like ChatGPT to enhance their business operations.


  • Information prompts: Used to request specific information or summaries on a topic.
  • Creative prompts: Encourage the generation of imaginative and engaging content.
  • Instructional prompts: Request step-by-step guidance or tutorials on a particular subject.
  • Problem-solving prompts: Seek solutions to specific problems or challenges.


Q: What are information prompts?
A: Information prompts are used to request specific information or summaries on a topic. They can be used to learn something faster, receive a summary, or understand a topic in more detail.

Q: How can creative prompts be used in business?
A: Creative prompts encourage the AI to generate imaginative and engaging content, such as stories, poems, or scripts. They can be used to create scripts for YouTube videos, keynote speeches, or blog posts.

Q: What are instructional prompts used for?
A: Instructional prompts are used when you want to learn how to do something. They request step-by-step guidance or tutorials on a particular subject.

Q: How can problem-solving prompts help in business?
A: Problem-solving prompts seek solutions to specific problems or challenges. They can be used to generate ideas and options for overcoming obstacles or finding new opportunities.


Understanding the different types of prompts and how to use them effectively can greatly enhance the results achieved with large language models like ChatGPT. Entrepreneurs can leverage these prompts to acquire specific information, generate creative content, learn new skills, and solve business challenges. By utilizing the right type of prompt for each situation, entrepreneurs can maximize the potential of AI tools in their business operations.


Forbes – The 4 Types of ChatGPT Prompt Every Entrepreneur Should Know

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